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Email me at veron@ripwolf.com with any questions about commissions, etc.

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  1. Peter B -

    Hi Veronica,
    Wondered if the Pirate Girl Proof is still available. Have not seen any new work? Did buy Trevs Joker. Let me know.
    Thank You,

  2. Peter B -

    Hello Veronica,
    Love the updated site. Wondered if any of the latest works are up for sale. Death? I think you have to wait for the Dungeon Dolls to come out before you sell any art? I know you will let me know. Waiting for Trevs finished Vamp card. Its funny, time flies, you 2 are busy, my wife and children are busy, then you Email me about something available and I get so excited again about your work. Its like a dormant art gallery that turns its lights on after many moons. Thank you for keeping me in mind.

  3. Kevin Deitemeyer -

    Hi Veronica. My compliments on the website, and on your work on the Bettie Page set. I was fortunate enough to get one of your incentive cards and it is gorgeous. I was wondering if you would consider posting images of the other Bettie incentive cards here on your site? I’d love to be able to see all your work on these. Keep up the great work!

  4. Michael Phifer -

    Dear Veronica,

    I would like to send you the Bettie Page trading card for signarure, along with a SASE for its return. May I have an address, please?

    With regards,

    Michael C. Phifer
    “The Collector”

  5. Mark Takiguchi -

    Hi Veronica, love your artwork, was wondering if I could get a color commission of Psylocke, similary to your sexy pirate girl sketch on your site. Have no problem paying the $80, can do Paypal. If you can do a sexy sketch of Psylocke, the better. Willing to pay more if needed…but has to be sketch card size (my collection is only sketch cards)…


  6. Peter B -

    Wondered if Darth Talon is for sale?

  7. Steve Clarke -

    Hello Creator of Gorgeous Art: I was wondering if you have any sketch cards of any sets for sale. I like some better than others, but all your work is BEAUTIFUL Veronica. I’d be happy with any but I like your Vampirella & Star Wars cards the best. Any chance of snagging one? Thanks for your time. Steve

  8. Veron -

    Hi Steve,

    thanks for your kind words! You can email me at veron@ripwolf.com and I can let you know what I have. 🙂

  9. Frank -

    Hi, you have wonderful art. Have you been published in any Marvel or DC comics?

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